Remote CCTV Viewing

By , March 10, 2014 1:11 pm

remote cctv viewing

We offer the option of Remote CCTV Viewing, which is the ability to monitor your cameras when ever you want, from where ever you are, in the world. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that at any stage they can log in online to their own private camera system to monitor what is important to them. This is possible through using your internet connection which will enable you to use a static IP address (these are usually given by your internet service provider (ISP) and there is often an added monthly charge depending on who your ISP is) or dynamic IP address to connect to the CCTV system itself, therefore making it possible to view of different corners of your premises from anywhere you are provided that you have internet access in the area that you are situated. 

Check things like:

  • The garden service doesn’t cut your gazania’s
  • The Cleaning lady is cleaning
  • The baby sitter is doing her job
  • Find out which dog is digging that hole
  • And who may be wondering about your yard !!!!

Remote CCTV Viewing allows you the flexibility to monitor your CCTV system from your Laptop/Ipda/SmartPhone, practically any device with internet access, which will result in peace of mind wherever you go.

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