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By , March 10, 2014 1:12 pm

We build and sell PC’s for clients who require them for business, home or entertainment use. The components that we use to assemble our PC’s come from well known manufacturers who produce very powerful and also extremely reliable and are known to last many years. Manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Corsair and other leading brands put in many years of research and development in order to create the parts that will provide the perfect combination between performance and reliability.

Every PC that we build is also thoroughly tested to ensure that every single component, from the motherboard and CPU to the power supply and the RAM memory modules, is all fully operational and working to full performance so that we can guarantee that you will not have any hardware issues.

Our PC’s prices are very competitive and we have a PC available for anyone of any budget. If one isn’t available then we can build one for you from scratch using components that you would specify.

We also offer other forms of computer accessories such as external hard drives, card readers, USB flash drives, monitors, keyboards, mice and other computer related items that will enhance your computer system to it’s full extent and as a result will make your computing experience more pleasant.


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