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Communication around a work environment is incredibly vital and some businesses do their communication by means of a very fast and reliable networking system which gives them the benefit of instant file sharing, messaging and overall proper communication throughout the entire workplace. A fast network could also result in a better and more reliable internet connection. Although many people would usually go for the wi-fi connectivity route, many workplaces are still using the RJ45 wired route to connect and use a network since it is more reliable and a bit faster than the more updated wireless method.

If you are looking to have a network installed or would like to have your network upgraded, optimized or repaired in your workplace or your home then we are able to provide our professional assistance to you.

We offer the service of networking, network trouble shooting, layout and planning, wired and wireless networking and ADSL connectivity to businesses as well as domestic areas. We can also provide optimization of your current network connection as well as provide advice and suggestions on how to improve your network connection accordingly.

This service is offered for the whole of Cape Town and it’s surrounding areas. If you need more information, please contact us.


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