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If you need a CCTV installation or any other type of electronic installation, such as network or computer installations, then we are able to assist you to the highest quality standard with our installation service. We are equipped with heavy duty tools and materials to ensure that our highly qualified and experienced team will ensure a successful installation which will be to your approval within the shortest time frame for your convenience.

Installation with proper attention to detail is, for us, paramount and of incredible importance to every single job that we do. From 2 cameras monitoring Mrs Rheeders back yard, to 150+ cameras in some of our clients distribution centres and any other place in between, we give every client the same care and attention to detail to make sure that they are satisfied with the end result. Our cabling, conduit, brackets, mountings and all of the other forms of materials are all of high quality materials, built to last S.A. and especially Cape Town weather where it is very unpredictable. We provide our installation services for the Cape Town area and all of it’s surrounding areas.

Our work is neat, precise and on time to suit your requirements and for your convenience.

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